You’d never buy a car without comparing the miles per gallon stickers. So why would you buy a house without knowing how much you’ll pay for utilities every year?

Introducing the Evergreen Home Score.

The Evergreen Home Score is our answer to the perplexing problem of knowing how much a home will add to the bottom line each year. It’s as important as the mortgage interest rate when considering the purchase of a home.

Yet it is often overlooked.

The purchase price of a home is just the beginning. The monthly costs of operating a home play into the financial sustainability for a homeowner, and should therefore be top of mind during the purchase process.

Consider that the average American spends more on utility bills than they do on fuel for their vehicles. Electricity and heating bills should be part of the purchase equation, and now they can be. Buyers who examine our Evergreen Home Score will see quickly how much less a high-efficiency home will cost to manage over the life of the home compared to a code-built home.

Further, did you know that Seattle residents pay some of the highest water and sewer costs in the country? That means bigger utility bills every month – bills which should be considered before a purchase is made. A water-efficient home, as our label suggests, is much more cost-effective to run.

Through our Evergreen Home Score, Evergreen Certified has made it easy to estimate just how much more a green certified home will save the homeowner. By detailing annual heating, electricity, water, and sewer costs, any prospective homeowner will know at a glance how much an Evergreen Certified home costs to run and the kind of impact it will have on the planet. This removes the guesswork of comparing utility costs by providing concrete information on utility costs on an annual basis.

What’s more, homeowners can use the Evergreen Home Score to determine how much smaller their carbon footprint will be. Our label provides calculations of carbon dioxide emissions for each home compared to conventionally-built homes, so that homeowners can be proud of the difference they’re making for Mother Earth.

Buying green has never been clearer. Check out our Evergreen Home Scored properties today!