Built Green Certification

Achieving a Built Green Certification is one of the best ways to help homes stand out in a competitive real estate market. These homes are extremely popular because they consume less water, energy, and fewer natural resources than conventional homes, making them very cost-effective and comfortable in which to live. Homes certified under Built Green will conform to an established standard that reinforces the financial value of your home while decreasing its ecological footprint.

Built Green Certification Process

Evergreen Certified will help you throughout the entire Built Green Certification process so you won’t have to sweat the details. The process of obtaining Built Green Certification looks something like this:

  • Join Built Green and enroll your project.

  • Complete a preliminary checklist to determine which track to take.

  • Hire a Built Green Verifier, get your whole team on board to meet your project goals, and then track green features while you build.

  • Keep your verifier updated on building progress and call at key stages of the project for site visits when the verifier will help document Built Green credits, and answer questions that come up.

  • Work with your verifier to submit the required documents and photographs for review.

  • Receive your Built Green Certification!

You can find out more about the Built Green Process on their website.