NW ENERGY STAR Certification

Northwest ENERGY STAR is far more than efficient appliances. The ENERGY STAR Homes program has been developed to help homeowners build and retrofit homes that are at least 15% more energy efficient than state energy code standards. Like Built Green, this results in a home that is cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

NW ENERGY STAR Certification Process

Evergreen Certified can also help you obtain your ENERGY STAR certification by walking you through all of the following

  1. Select an ENERGY STAR builder or contractor.
  2. Builder or contractor submits architectural plans to the Home Energy Rater for assessment and determine the best features for your home.
  3. Builder completes the work with Rater inspections throughout the process.
  4. Rater provides final inspection after project is complete.
  5. You receive your ENERGY STAR Home label!

Work with us and you’ll find this a pain-free process to increasing the value of your home and living more lightly on the earth.